Email Marketing Services (eMarketing)

E-marketing is an extremely cost effective DM (direct marketing) component of the marketing mix to attain and retain strong relationships with your customers and market place. We can help you communicate more effectively with your market and customers to build brand, generate sales, introduce new products/services or simply to maintain your presence in the marketplace to breed loyalty.

Our email marketing services have helped clients (nationally and internationally) retain, acquire and educate customers and prospects to nurture long-term relationships their marketplace. Not only do we manage email marketing campaigns, we also can offer clients the creative design and development of visually appealing email marketing pieces, while tracking and measuring the campaigns performance and R.O.I. These campaigns have included customer retention, customer acquisition, educational campaigns and more.

At costs of pennies per contact, emarketing is a cost effective solution to build your business

Our Solutions

We've helped national and international clients leverage e-marketing solutions in many different forms. How?

  • Utilize internal CRM (customer relationship management) system to deploy email marketing campaigns.
  • Consult / create / manage email marketing strategies and campaigns for your customers / prospective customers.
  • Creative design services for campaignbe-newsletters, press release announcements, promotional campaigns, invitations, event announcements, contests and more.
  • Don't have a email list to target? We can help you source an email rental listsb that defines your target customers / market.
  • Permission email marketing
  • Opt-in email marketing services.
  • Need help creating an email database list? We can help you build an email marketing database for your business, or just for a specific campaign.
  • Creating different email formats and incorporating different media ex. html email, send a video or flash animated presentation or send just plain text.
  • Manage your campaign - We'll track the results of your email campaign and tell you the how well it performed. For example how many people received the email, how many opened the email, how many took action on the email, what was the actual cost per recipient, what was your R.O.I. and more.